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Welcome to Accessible Counselling!

Paula and Lester offer counselling to adults, teens and children. We are also qualified supervisors and work with trainee and experienced counsellors reflecting upon their practice and their professional development. Paula and Lester have daytime evening and weekend appointments and are based at two locations, Harrow Middlesex, Edgware, Bushey and Kenton. You might like to read Paula's Blog and counselling services for more information.

We are based in two locations, Harrow and Edgware. These areas also cover Kenton, Stanmore, Bushey and Elstree.

Person-Centred Counselling approach  

The approach we follow is called Person Centred. It involves creating a caring and confidential relationship where you are understood, respected and valued. As counsellors we have understandings & experience of psychological development and the process of change. However, your meanings and aspirations are central. You know what hurts, which issues you wish to address, and the changes that you would like to make. Therefore, we will work together with you to address whatever you consider important.

Our intention is not to tell you what to do, but to help you find your own way and to draw upon your own resources.

Experiencing Counselling

You may be wondering about what to expect when you have counselling sessions.

Paula and Lester will do all that we can to help you feel at ease. We are interested in getting to know you and hearing about what it is that has brought you to counselling. You may wish to discuss what you are hoping to gain from counselling, or you may not be sure yet. Often this becomes clearer as therapy progresses. It may be that you are feeling distressed and want to speak about your issue immediately. Your counsellor is there to listen and to support you. As appropriate we will offer our insights to help you understand more and to move forward.

As therapy continues there may be times when you feel challenged and times when you are upset. People often find that counselling helps them to focus upon making decisions and living life in a more satisfying way.

Whatever you choose to talk about Paula and Lester will listen to you without judging you. We are interested in working with you to reach understandings and to make the changes that you want.

Counselling in Harrow
Paula Newman - 020 8930 9831 / 07941 958 034

Counselling in EDGWARE
Lester Chern - 07973 803 952


Paula Newmans's Blog

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